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Stihl Chainsaw

Stihl Chainsaw Kenya

Stihl Chainsaw Kenya

Founded way back in 1926, Stihl is a renowned manufacturer of chainsaws and other related handheld power equipment including blowers, edgers, sprayers, lawnmowers and trimmers. The company is headquartered in Germany with a profound global presence including in the USA. Stihl products are known for their innovativeness and quality. For these reasons they are highly sought after even here in Kenya.

However, one of the biggest concerns that most people considering to buy Stihl chainsaw in Kenya, are the prices. It is no surprise that for a quality product you might expect to pay a little more. But you do not have to spend way more than you need to with Stihl chainsaw Kenya.

This is because the manufacturer has a great mix of products with different price points. Their chainsaws can be categorized as chainsaws for homeowners, ranch owners and professionals. For homeowners the chainsaws are more affordable but with low power outputs but including all the other safety features in the other models.

In the mid-level tier we have the Stihl chainsaws Kenya for ranch or farm owners. These chainsaws are ideal for tasks such as storm cleanup and chopping firewood stumps. On the higher end, are the professional chainsaws. These have superior performance and can support the longest blades. They are monsters in power output ensuring you can cut through huge and hard trees with a lot of ease.

Professional Stihl chainsaws also have more innovative features that enhance your productivity. Not to mention a load of safety features to ensure you work safely regardless of the conditions. They are also available either as battery operated, electric or fuel powered for your preference.

Browse our site for a wide collection of Stihl chainsaws in Kenya. We also stock other quality varieties like Husqvarna.