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Husqvarna 272XP Power Saw

Husqvarna 272XP Price in Kenya

Husqvarna 272XP Price in Kenya

What is the Husqvarna 272XP power saw? If you are in the market for a professional yet economical power saw, then you might have come across the Husqvarna 272XP power saw. It is a powerful power saw used in demanding conditions where efficiency is important. This power saw is light for easy handling and maneuverability.

The 3.6kW engine output ensures you have more power to keep you going even when cutting through hard wood. It also provides rapid acceleration when the machine starts so you get the kick to cut through anything placed before you.

The Husqvarna 272XP can handle a maximum bar length of 28 in allowing you to handle large trunks. It comes with safety features popular with all Husqvarna power saws like the low vibration, low kickback and chain brake. There is also the revolutionary air cleaning system that keeps debris and dust away from the filter.

The Husqvarna 272XP price in Kenya

The price depends mostly on where you are buying your Husqvarna 272XP. We are a reliable and approved supplier of Husqvarna power saws in the country. We have also gone digital, and are able to sell these quality power saws to people anywhere in the country at the best prices.

We are direct suppliers and do not engage any third parties in our operations. As such you can trust us to bring the best prices to you. When you purchase your Husqvarna 272XP power saw from us, you can be sure you are getting the original Husqvarna product. We only stock authentic products with manufacturer warranty.

We also have other powerful chainsaws and other less powerful in stock offering you a variety to choose from. We can help you choose from the right power saw for your needs. However, we are sure that if you are looking for power and efficiency, the Husqvarna 272XP will serve you exceptionally.