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For many years now, we have been supplying quality power saws and related power tools to Kenyans to make their life easier. We share the fascination for power tools with our clients and always aim at providing them with nothing but the best. For the longest time, we have been helping loggers and other professionals achieve perfect results in a short time.

To this end we are always updating our inventory to make sure we have in stock all the favorite quality and innovative power saws that are in the market. Tree cutting is a craft, one that not many people have mastered because of a lack of tools. We ensure that masters of this craft and those learning how to do it can enjoy doing it with tools that make it fun for them.

We help our clients to land not only the best but also the right power saw for their needs. Our team of technical masters will help you learn how to start and use your tools safely and like a pro to get the best out of your investment. What's more we also help you get spare parts and provide and give you any support you might need post-purchase.

We have the experience and expertise that you would desire in a power saw supplier. As such we know power saws and expunge our knowledge and expertise into helping our clients. We also avail only the best quality products in the market at the best prices.

We are here to serve you.