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Our first foray into power saws started many years back with just a few generators. We soon realized that if we stock a wide variety of quality power saw brands, we would meet the needs of our customers. We went on a mission learning about power saws and cooperating with the best brands to bring to you unmatched quality in power saws. This has been our legacy ever since.

We have a wide variety of quality brands in stock including Husqvarna, Pacwell and Stihl. Besides stocking these brands, we also stock different types of power saws including petrol powered and electric. With our in-depth knowledge in power saws we are able to provide our clients with unparalleled advice and unbiased recommendations. If you run into trouble when using your power saws, we are the lending hand you need.

Our work philosophy is to always have a full complement of a wide array of power saws ready for immediate delivery. Over the years we have had the pleasure of supplying power saws to big construction companies, individuals and loggers. We are still guided today by the core values of integrity, honesty, innovation and commitment that we started out with many years back.

*** Our Power Saw Prices ( ***

Original Husqvarna 272xp Power Saw {Made in Brazil} 🔥🔥🔥 - Price: Ksh 90,000

Second grade Husqvarna 272xp Power Saw {Made in China} - Price: Ksh 70,000

Hisaki HK732P Power Saw - Price: Ksh 55,000

Pacwell Pac272 Power Saw - Price: Ksh 48,000

UPSPIRIT 16 inch Electric Power Saw (1300W) - Price: Ksh 24,000

Husqvarna 272xp Specifications

  • Power output: 3.6 kW
  • Size: 24 inch
  • Weight: 6.3kg
  • Cylinder displacement: 72.2 cc
  • Maximum power speed: 9300 rpm
  • Max engine/motor RPM: 13500 rpm
  • Idling speed: 2600 rpm
  • Torque, max. 4 Nm
  • Torque, max. at rpm: 6000 rpm
  • Clutch engagement speed (±120): 3500 rpm
  • Fuel consumption: 450 g/kWh
  • Fuel consumption: 1.6 kg/h 

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Husqvarna 272 Price in Kenya
Chain Saw Price in Kenya
Husqvarna 272 Price in Kenya
Husqvarna Power Saw 272 Price in Kenya
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Choosing The Best -:-

Husqvarna Power Saw price in Kenya

A power saw is a good labor saver. Whether you need one for cutting firewood or you are a professional looking for a powerful logging machine, power saws come in a wide range of sizes and power to meet your needs. However, you should note that not all big power saws are best. Before buying a power saw you should consider the work you will be using for it.

The kind of work you need done determines the power and the size of the power saw that you will need. Saws with longer bar lengths are usually also more powerful. Such saws are made for logging of big trees, cutting tree stumps and cutting large branches. The smaller power saws are used for clearing shrubs, pruning trees, reducing branches and cutting firewood stumps. Most manufacturers produce many different power saws designed for use by consumers (home use) and professionals (loggers)

Power saws are either electric or petrol powered. The petrol powered ones are the most powerful. The electric power saws can either be corded or cordless. These usually are used for lighter jobs therefore they are best for home use.

If you are in the market for a versatile power saw that ticks all of the right boxes, then you should consider the Husqvarna 272 power saw? Why the Husqvarna 272 power saw? What is the Husqvarna power saw price in Kenya? Read on to discover more about this professional power saw.

The Husqvarna power saw is a common power saw with many professionals and individual users in Kenya. Here are some of its unique features and benefits for you.

Perfect power to weight ratio – as stated earlier on, bigger is not always better when it comes to power saws. There are many bigger saws than the Husqvarna 272 that do not pack as much power as this power saw does. The size of the saw is just perfect for most users, professional or otherwise.

The saw is light weight making it easier to maneuver while giving you the power you need for any type of project. The bar length is just right for versatile work. Plus, you can buy a longer bar length from Husqvarna to change when you need to handle bigger trees.

This perfect power to weight ratio also means better fuel consumption for you. The saw is very efficient while in use delivering better consumption and reduced emissions. You work better, you save fuel and save the environment.

Ergonomic design – when it comes to ergonomics, the Husqvarna 272 doesn't disappoint. This saw is made with you in mind. It comes with the LowVib system designed to reduce vibrations to the minimum. This means you can keep working for long without getting fatigued.

>Ease of use – made for professionals but with everyone in mind, the Husqvarna 272 is a pretty easy to use power saw. It can easily be handled even by beginners while delivering the same professional level experience everyone desires. To change the cutting tension, the chain can be adjusted without using any tools. Not forgetting the easy start feature on Husqvarna that allows you to quickly and easily start your saw. Forget the forced pulling and yanking of other power saws.

Safety features – If you have ever tried using a power saw before, then you know about kickback. This power saw has a low kickback feature that ensures it isn't pushed back and up unexpectedly when in use. There is also the chain brake feature that automatically stops the chain in case it encounters an abrupt movement.

Easy maintenance – Husqvarna power saws incorporate the centrifugal air cleaning system which ejects debris and dust before it reaches the air filter. This extends the time you can use the saw without requiring air filter cleaning.

With all these and many more innovative and exceptional features, the the price of husqvarna power saw shouldn't be a worry for you anymore because you know you are already getting a machine worth its salt. The Husqvarna brand is renowned in producing quality machines that are used the world over.

When you place your order with us you enjoy a quality machine from a supplier that cares. We are always available to help our clients get the best from their power saw. Since we are direct and approved Husqvarna suppliers, you can be sure we have the best Husqvarna power saw price in Kenya. Give us a try today.